Broadband For The Brain

This programme is based on the premise that we have the resources and mind power to heal our minds and bodies. Many therapies use a single approach which doesn’t necessarily fit everyone. However, BB4B has two methods in which to work with giving the client more options to heal themselves.

“Broadband for the Brain® is a unique therapy that allows you to make changes to the way the Central Nervous System works”.

Terence Watts

BB4B can help with a number of situations including:

  • Eating difficulties
  • Concentration enhancement
  • Sexual problems
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Physical energy
  • Physical illness

We are all born with a set of instincts for survival.  By the time we reach adulthood our learned behavioural responses have become so ingrained that they act just like natural instincts do in our unthinking part of our brain or without conscious awareness. We therefore, repeat the same response pattern or learned behaviour even though our inner instincts disagree with this. This can look like behaviour such as being submissive instead of challenging, quiet and calm instead of boisterously energetic, apologetic instead of assertive and direct. As you can imagine, there are other conflicts that come into play.

So here is something to consider when looking at instincts:

  • Wild animals cannot not follow their instincts – they have no choice
  • Human can not follow their instincts – the do have a choice

This is where the difference in all sorts of difficulties lie, and now it is realised can be liberating. Instincts are hard wired for survival and are pretty powerful. Without getting into the finer detail of the programme. There are two fundamental powerful urges: to destroy that which gets in our way and to survive and it is these basic drives that are responsible for a lot of our issues. However, many people are not aware that these conflicts exist and are compelled to act in a way that contrary to their wishes, yet are unable to exert their instinctive drive to be in control. As mentioned earlier, the conflict we are experiencing is brought about by the dual urges for survival and destruction. Of course, it is fear that overrides the latter and when you add that to the mix about what you should or should not do, and your beliefs about what others might do or might not do, combined with the opinion of self will result in your course of action or response to the situation.

Most experiences we encounter will be either deemed as safe or unsafe, we tend to weigh up situations even if we are not entirely happy with them and dependent on prior experience and knowledge, we are likely to judge a situation as safe rather than dangerous and then proceed. However, the doubt in our minds is an indication that the situation is not safe but we have the resources to deal with any issues that may arise, otherwise, we would not go along with the situation.

Broadband for the Brain Programme (BB4B)

The theory therefore, is that we have all inherited from our ancestors, part of what made survival of the ancient humans possible. We do not feel it as it is a subconscious process but it eats up our energy and resources. certain thought processes where information arrives in the conscious mind in a chronological sequence. The brain then subsequently checks our environment to see if there is a predator nearby and so we are at our most vigilant. Our concentration and physical output are running at maximum, mainly because of the deployment of what is considered ‘spare’ brain circuits. These circuits, that are normally on standby, ready for instant use without having to be switched from something else first if we are in mortal danger, show us how effectively we can focus our energies when it is necessary to do so, however, we cannot do this on a voluntary basis, no matter how hard we try. When the threat has passed this same level of focus is no longer available.

Today, we do not have the same predators as our ancestors, so we use hypnosis to safely bypass the spare brain circuits and testing environment to activate the maximum resources available for a specific purpose for which you have presented. However, it is not usually something that we can easily control.

Hence the reason for the name – Broadband (faster and always on) for the Brain.

We do not need to constantly check our environment and allowing the subconscious mind to make extra nerve paths available.

In this programme we start to work with the ‘true inner self’ or the part that you refer to as ‘I’ or ‘me’ when thinking or talking about yourself.  We look at how the brain is constantly testing thousands of different things every split second that arrive from our five senses, plus information from our internal self. Everything is test by our automated nervous system or automatic processing centre, before becoming a conscious thought or idea. Imagine for a moment the nerve paths the information travels down like electrical wires in the brain and body. At the moment you are only using one channel and I will teach you to find a way to use more of those wires to speed up the whole test process. So, for example, see how easy it is to think of your big toe, or elbow, or back of your head, anywhere in the body, just by thinking about it. So, all you need to do is to be able to imagine what you want to happen and the part that you call ‘I’ or ‘Me’ will do the rest. Of course, you will need skilled therapist in Broadband for the Brain, to help you achieve your goals.

I will show you how you can let the subconscious know that you want to access the BroadBand process.