Warrior Settler Nomad (WSN)

Warrior, Settler, Nomads (WSN) is a therapy that is very much a favourite amongst my clients. It is designed and written by Terence Watts which has epigenetics as its basis.  Epigenetics, in simplified terms is the study of biological mechanisms that can switch genes on or off. WSN therefore, provides a dynamically energetic version of ‘Parts’ work that allows the client to easily activate and use previously muted or inaccessible resources.

Over a period of a 100,000 years the human race has existed and throughout this time there has been two separate streams of genetic information passed from one generation to another, through different countries and cultures, plagues and famine, wars, revolutions and barbarian uprising plus much more. These two genetic streams continued to gain strength and survived through the vicissitudes of life, until, one split second, they fused together within a single human cell that is one hundredth of a millimetre in diameter, that contains the blueprint of your entire genetic history, that was to become …YOU!

In that moment of conception, the genetically coded DNA stands from each of your parents combined in that one single cell, ensuring that you became a living record of the lives and ways of your ancestors. It is this Ancestral Memory, alongside the complete set of instincts responses and patterns that were responsible for the survival of those two genetic streams in the first place. This is the biological memory traces of attitudes towards success and survival that are every bit as relevant today as they were then. Ancestral Memory has nothing to do with past lives or anything at all mystical – it is simply the biological memory traces that we are born with, the living record of our ancestors, handed on to us in the DNA strings we inherit via our parents.  WSN is therefore a therapy that is based around the idea that Ancestral Memory is responsible for much of our emotional conflict and therefore the therapist can achieve a greater success with a greater range of clients.

Memory plays a huge part in our everyday behaviour and an even bigger part in therapy. WSN can help create a positive change to our reaction to memories, and how they are perceived. Every human being is the product of experience and our memories map that experience. The theory that memories – or, more precisely the psychological experiences that are produced by memory – are created afresh each time is a very useful circumstance which accounts in part for the effect whereby an individual often continues to find improvement in their life long after therapy has finished. As a WSN therapist I can help clients to generate a change to their personal belief system, so that every memory that comes to mind will be viewed in a more positive light. Furthermore, my role is not only to help the client to become aware of their limitations which has been placed upon them, but to also become aware of their true instincts and urges. For example, the enforced Settler starts to show their true Warrior self; if being a Settler is putting pressure on the psyche, then for that individual’s emotional health and eventual happiness, it is necessary for them to stop being a caring Settler and instead become a practically-minded Warrior or an inspirational Nomad.  Below is a snapshot of the three personalities and their traits.


Who are determined and tenacious when positive, a natural team leader, a quick thinker in an argument? On the negative side they can be manipulative and forceful, rude and sarcastic; even ruthless.

  • control: like to take control of things and getting their own way
  • forceful: they can always make their presence felt
  • resolute: high levels of tenacity and determination
  • organisational: personality who can be manipulative
  • Achilles Heel: the need to always be in control
  • emotional response: sparse, sometimes, invisible.


Who always try to settle things and keep the peace. Today, the settler is sociable, intuitive and an adaptable character who can find difficulty in assertiveness.

  • sociable: gets on well with almost anybody
  • intuitive: a high level of instinct and general awareness
  • adaptable: able to make the best of any situation
  • Achilles heel: the need to be liked
  • emotional response: noticeable, with no real attempt to conceal it.


Who are always on the go, looking for something new. They are Charismatic, Innovative and often Inspiring but can also be irresponsible or reckless.

  • restless: must always have something ‘going on’
  • charismatic: naturally outgoing
  • evidential: what-you-see-is-what-you-get
  • Achilles Heel: the need for constant stimulation and enjoyment
  • emotional Response: obvious, with a marked lack of inhibition.

Every single one of us is predominantly related to just one of those three types. It is easy to establish which one they are, just by asking a few questions.

As a WSN practitioner, I am qualified to help you realise where YOUR true strengths and potential lie. To do this, I provide an in-depth analysis through personality profiling to help the client overcome such conflict between the archetypes.

It can help with issues such as: phobias, fears, almost everything that has a physical component, including Insomnia and bodily illnesses like IBS or Colitis.

Other psychological conditions include depression, obsessions, poor self esteem, concentration problems, low confidence – all conditions of thought process.