Self-image has a lot do with self-esteem and self-identity.  Self-esteem is how we value and perceive ourselves. Self-identity is a more comprehensive concept than self-image, it is the distinguishing sense of self. Identity is the overall idea of who we are. In other words, self -identity is the whole picture of who we believe we are – and who we tell ourselves and others that we are – while – self-image is just one piece of the jigsaw.

‘We are reduced to asking others what we are. We never dare to ask ourselves’

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

 This quote signifies that it is important to understand how to be your own person and recognise your perceptions of how you see yourself. Many overweight people tend to describe themselves as ‘fat’, ‘chunky’ as ‘the fat friend’ or the ‘elephant in the room’. Society also tends to have its own perception of fat people, for example, lazy, incompetent, stupid and invisible. People may end up feeling ridiculed, bullied and slighted which can result in binge eating, turning to unhealthy food help you to feel better – if only for a short period of time.

Why are people fat, overweight and binge eating?

It doesn’t help, that today, many people are finding that doing sedentary jobs, i.e., sitting for long hours at a desk, watching TV and light physical activity are known to be associated with a number of health issues which are not conducive for losing weight. And although we have as a society, benefitted from many technological advancements, our body weight may have increased due to this technological advancement.

 Living a sedentary lifestyle can lead people to feeling isolated, depressed, and anxious. Turning to food can be a big comfort!!  Binge eating can also be a major factor in weight gain, more so now, as we are exiting the pandemic, and it becomes habitual. It is so easy to have a quick and unhealthy snack to make us feel better – but does it?  We all know that the key to losing weight is to eat less, so why don’t we just stop eating and say ‘no’ to that snack or unhealthy food?  It is not that easy, right?

However, it is not just the technological advancement and sedentary lifestyle that is the issue, as we do have a choice to move around even if it is just getting away from the desk to make a cup of tea! There are also a number of other reasons why we struggle to lose weight, for example, some medical conditions can hinder weight loss: hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or sleep apnoea. There are also certain medications that can make losing weight harder or cause weight gain. Losing weight is a complex issue, it is not just about stopping eating there are a number of other factors that come into play.

BWRT Weight Management Programme

The BWRT Weight Management Programme will take into account behavioural, perceptions, emotional and biological reasons that you are overweight (as I said it is complex).  It will help you to understand your relationship with food, stressors and triggers, and any medical issues that are stopping you losing weight to help you return back to a healthy lifestyle.