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BA Hons (Open) and MIBWRT(Adv) (MAPHP) Practitioner
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Life, how tough can it be? I have personal experience of living through the vicissitudes of life and so far managed to survive. And that is the key really isn’t it? Survival, but for many of us it is a struggle especially when we experience anxiety, depression, unwanted habits or feel that we need to lose a few pounds…Read More


BWRT® is the new ‘kid on the block’ in terms of therapy. It is considered to be a new model of psychology and psychopathology that sits comfortably with rationale of neuroscience and evolutionary biology. BWRT® is not only solution focussed, but efficacious, quick, and dealing with issues such as anxiety, PTSD & phobias in one or two sessions. Therefore, allowing us to take back control of our lives once again.


BWRT® Level 2 can be used to overcome a number of more serious issues and focuses on self-identity.  A person’s identity is rooted in their identifications, what they associate themselves with is ultimately who that person is, because identity is ultimately in relationship to something else. So, if you see yourself as overweight, depressed or a victim of bullying that is now part of who you are, your identity.

Weight Management

How many times have you looked in the mirror and said ‘I just need to lose weight’ or ‘If I could just lose a few pounds, I would be happy’?  This is not necessarily about self-image, but can sometimes go a lot deeper.


In today’s world, many people are currently feeling depressed because something has happened to create the depression such as stress resulting from external circumstances.


When someone is habitually cruel, insulting or threatening someone who is weaker, smaller or in some way vulnerable then that ‘someone’ is considered to be a bully.